Sunshine Bee Oil

Sunshine Bee Oil will make your skin glow from head to toe & make you feel like SUNSHINE. This oil was made with the intention to uplift your spirit & brigthen up your day. Solar-infused with lavendar, rosemary, butterfly pea flower, sunflower oil, calendula, cinnamon & rose.


Spicy Bee Sauce

A sweet, tangy bee-perience, with a kick of heat. A proprietary blend made with spicy honey, natural smoke flavors & scotch bonnet peppers. For best results, pair with your favorite dish. Bee-lieve the hype!!!


Honey Bee Honey

Infused with elderflower & red raspberry great to take at the first sign of cold symptoms, an upset stomach, to boost your immune system & energize your body.


Tastes yummy- Bee Sting

I like the flavor of it ! If you love garlic and heat grab some. I've also added to my food as seasoning. Highly recommended!



I've had these dry bumps on my face for the longest time. Facials, cremes, microderm, etc only helped for a day or two. 1st use of this product and already a soft, noticeable difference!


Honey you got to be kidding me!!!

This honey is amazing! The whole experience from the packaging to the thoughtful note and on brand joke made my buying experience so fun! I would highly recommend this product if you’re having a hard time figuring out what to buy, start here!


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